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Welcome to Wilderness Skills School. Our website is designed to not only be a resource to the students that addend
our classes here in the Southern California area, we plan
to make it a resource to all that appreciate the outdoors.

Visit our site often to gain information on: Hiking /
Backpacking / Wilderness survival / Camping / Bushcraft / Woodcraft /Primitive Skills / Tracking / Birding / Mammals / Geology and everything “Naturalist”.

Our information will be based on First Hand Experience either by ourselves, guest writers or guest interviews. All content will be proofread by professional service wizessay.com.

Our philosophy is quite simple. We believe that while there may be an “ideal” way, there is no absolute right or wrong way if you are able to achieve the results you desire.

We strive to give you the tools to accomplish an end goal, how you use the given tools is your choice.
The wilderness and how you enjoy it, can be many different things to many different people. Driving your truck to a camping spot, unloading and spending the night may be heaven on earth for some while backpacking off trail for several days to get to a very remote location may be nirvana for others. In between these two methods
lie many, many other ways people can and will choose to get out and enjoy nature.

Are you an ultralight hiker that just wants to get from point “A” to Point “B” quickly while enjoying views along the way or are you someone that has to stop and look at every Plant, Bird and Track along your trek? We plan to have something to offer to
all of the above.

The connection with nature:
Changes have occurred over time and the way we spend time in the back country or even on the trail has been effected by the changes. Treating water before drinking is now much more common that it was 30 years ago. Packs provide much better back ventilation and weight transfer to the hips than they did years back. Newer materials provide much lighter clothing, packs and gear.

Given all that progress, there is a large push to “Get back to nature” or to learn Primitive Skills. While making fire by rubbing sticks together is not the necessity it once was, it’s a very gratifying accomplishment. Friction fire provides a strong connection to nature, as do most primitive skills.

Then, is it wrong to walk into nature and make fire by rubbing sticks together while wearing your modern nylon hiking clothes or is it wrong to use your steel knife to carve the fire board notch and to carve your spindle?

Do you like to hang close to your vehicle on the edge of a wilderness area and observe the birds and other animals?
Pick and choose what you like about nature and find your own path to enjoyment. Let us inform, enlighten and inspire you with some information that may be new to you, old news to you or possibly just a different viewpoint than yours.

Wilderness Skills School conducts classes in the Southern California area close to the Los Angeles county and Ventura County area. Please check our Classes / Events page http://www.meetup.com/Wilderness-Skills-School/

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