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Wilderness Skills School is based in the Los Angeles County / Ventura County area. Our focus is everything Nature related. Animal Tracking, Nature Awareness, Plant Identification and uses, Friction Fire making, Birding, Flintkanpping, Native American Skills and much

We also include a Wilderness Survival and safety class because we believe that the ability to be comfortable in the wilderness comes from an understanding of the natural world that surrounds us.
Some think of wilderness survival as a struggle of Man (or Woman) against the environment.

Some Television shows even title themselves this way.
True wilderness survival comes from the ability to work with, not against nature. Whether using modern or primitive survival methods
your ability to be comfortable in the natural environment is paramount to your success as a naturalist, hiker,
backpacker or casual wilderness explorer.

We cover both modern and primitive survival methods along with some solid information on how not to get into a “Wilderness Survival” situation.

The lessons we teach are based on experience, trial and error. This is not information just taken out of a book or LBTV (learned by T.V.). This is “real world” experience being passed down to you, just as elders in primitive cultures passed down information.

We look to cover a wide range of subjects both at our classes, gatherings (no fee get-togethers) and on our blog. The natural world covers an enormous amount of subjects from Plants and their uses to Birds, Mammals, Insects, Geology, Tracking and so on.

Most people seem to migrate strongly and specialize in one area of study, while still maintaining a general knowledge of other areas of

Our classes are held in the Los Angeles County / Ventura County area and are designed to provide you with the most knowledge in a
comfortable situation. Trying to learn a skill when you are hot, cold, tired, uncomfortable or just worn out from a long hike can be difficult.

While practicing your skills under adverse conditions makes good sense, trying to learn them that way can be a challenge.

Look for our classes on the “Classes / Events” area of our website and please join us for a day or more out in the field to connect with
nature in ways you will truly enjoy.

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Wilderness Skills School