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Several students have asked for a list of the Survival products
we demonstrate in our Wilderness Survival Class. Most of the items
listed are the items we personally use as well.

Most products shown are available at places like REI, Sport Chalet
or Adventure-16. Links to Amazon (in green)  are provided to help
make the shopping process easier for you.

In preparing for the classes, there were times I had to stop at
all three of the outfitters listed above to complete the shopping
list. Amazon will allow you to do most of your shopping in one place.

As mentioned in class, I dislike lists of equipment. The “take this
and take that” type of list provides you very little education or
understanding of the reasons we take a particular piece of gear.
I categorize the equipment based on the same “Priorities of
Survival” taught in our classes. This gives you a much better
understanding of how each piece of gear will fit into your survival
kit. This will also allow you to change out gear and still know all
of your wilderness survival priorities have been met.

HOPE (Positive Mental Attitude)You can last 3 seconds without hope.
A laminated family photo, a piece of inspirational poetry, a copy
of an important piece of scripture or a pocket bible. NIV Shirt-Pocket New Testament

FIRST AIDYou can last 3 minutes without air (bodily functions)
I strongly recommend taking a Wilderness First Aid & CPR course.
These types of classes will give you the knowledge to build your own
first aid kit. A good commercially available kit WFA Wilderness First Aid Kit by Rescue Essentials can be a starting point to build
on or use until such time as you can take a First Aid course.

SHELTER (Thermoregulation)You can last 3 hours without shelter
(98.6º body core temperature)

Large contractor grade trash bags Brute Super Tuff 55 Gallon Contractor Bags – Black can work as an emergency rain poncho.
Fill your bag with leaves to make an emergency sleeping pad and shield you from conductive heat loss.
A trash bag filled with leaves can make an emergency quilt to cover you.Also, a trash bag can be filled and used to transport leaves if you are making a Debris Shelter”.

Other shelter items would include an emergency tarp like this MPI All Weather Emergency Survival Blanket or this Adventure Medical Kits Survive Outdoors Longer Sport Utility Blanket, 11.3 Ounce
along with lightweight tent stakes TOAKS Titanium Shepherd’s Hook Tent Stake (Pack of 6)
and some cordage to facilitate construction of your shelter. Neon Orange 550LB Military Nylon Paracord Rope 100 Feet
An emergency Mylar blanket is a must for any survival kit. Adventure Medical Kits Sol Survival Blanket, Two Person, 3.2-Ounce (pack Of 2)

Fire making – While some put fire as a separate
priority, fire can provide the needed warmth to keep your body core
temperature at 98.6º. While learning to make fire by
friction (rubbing sticks together) can be very rewarding,
here are some more modern methods that can be lifesavers
(please carry at least 3 (modern) methods to make fire.
1)A simple disposable lighter. While they have difficulty in very cold weather, most times they
can be the fastest and easiest way to get a fire going.
2)Stormproof Matches (i.e. waterproof / windproof matches).UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case, 25 Stormproof Matches and 3 Strikers – Dark Green

3)A Firesteel. Firesteel’s can be a lifesaver as they work in any
temperature and even when wet.Firesteel’s are simple to use,
however they do require learning the proper technique and
this must be learned prior to relying on it to save your life.
I have seen some very unusual techniques used by students
trying to work a firesteel without success.
Once shown the proper methods all students, even 7-year old
Cub Scouts were able to get them to work properly.

There are several products available to use with your firesteel
as tinder,it seems like newer and better products are advertised
constantly. I still go with the old inexpensive method of
100% cotton balls with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) rubbed into them.
Top picks for firesteel’s are – Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter with Emergency Whistle – Orange
I also like the Doan Tool. Doan Magnesium Fire Starter Tool
Be sure to get the original one by Doan Manufacturing.
They don’t come with a striker so you will have to make
one or learn to use your knife to facilitate sparks with this firesteel.

SIGNALING FOR RESCUEGet signals in place as
soon as life threatening priorities are attended to.

A PLB (personal locator beacon) is my top choice for
electronic signaling.
ACR PLB-375 ResQLink+ Personal Locating Beacon with 406 MHz Floating PLB, Built-In GPS, Strobe and 121 MHz Homing Beacon

The SPOT locator beacon, while not as reliable as the PLB and
more expensive in the long term, can be an option as well.
ACR PLB-375 ResQLink+ Personal Locating Beacon with 406 MHz Floating PLB, Built-In GPS, Strobe and 121 MHz Homing Beacon

A signal mirror Ultimate Survival Technologies 2×3 StarFlash Emergency Signal Mirror

A good whistle Adventure Medical Kits Sol Slim Rescue Howler Whistle, 2 Count

Flagging tape Brady 58352, Flagging Tape, Fluorescent Orange (1 per Order)

WATER – You can live 3 days without water (of course in
the desert this is a higher priority)

Chlorine Dioxide tablets Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

Emergency water bags fold up to a minimal size and are the
exact size to use with the Chlorine Dioxide Tablets. 6 Whirl-Pak 36 oz. (1 L) Stand-up Bags for Emergency Water Collection, Treatment, and Storage

Emergency water straw Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System

You can also use large clear trash bags as “Trasnpiration” bags to get water from vegetation,as shown in class.

NAVIGATIONAt some point, if rescue is not coming,
you will need to navigate your way out
A Topographic map of the area you are in is recommended.
A Quality Compass – The ones with the mirror can double as a signaling device. The better compasses
have mirrors that have out performed some signal mirrors on our courses. Suunto® MC2G Navigator Compass with Global Needle Metric

An emergency button compass that goes on your watchband can be used as a back-up to your main compass. Type-III 4pc Liquid Filled Slip-on Compass Set for Watchband or Paracord Bracelets (2nd Gen)

FOODYou can live 3 weeks with out food.
Your energy will be low and you will probably be grumpy.
Carry some compact food bars and save the wrappers as they can be
used as bait (since they carry the food odor) on a deadfall trap
if that becomes necessary. Clif Bar Mini Nutrition Bar, Chocolate Chip/White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, 1.0 oz. Bars, (Pack of 18)

SLEEPA less talked about priority.
You need sleep to properly function and make good decisions.
No products here, just something you need to be aware of.

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